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  • IT'S ALL ABOUT ME (Maths and English!)

    Three students are pictured with their successful exam results. Underneath are the words Welcome to the English and Maths student portal.

    Preparing to support your English and Maths development

    Here at East Coast College, your specialist English and maths teachers have created this virtual learning environment to help you while you are learning with us.

    We strongly encourage all our learners to access this to help them while they attend their GCSE and Functional Skills lessons. However, this is also accessible to all learners at East Coast College who may just need a little bit of help on a particular skill or topic that may be relevant to a piece of work that you may need to complete, such as an assignment or presentation for your vocational course.

    Everyone is welcome to access these pages to help them with their Maths and English skills. You can get onto our pages wherever, whenever. Literally anytime of the day, week or month!

    On here, you will find that our dedicated team of Maths and English experts have crafted some essential resources that will help everyone. The pages also include links to other useful websites, learning platforms, activities and videos that will compliment everyone’s preferred way of learning.

    Just click on the qualification BELOW and try it out!

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