Topic outline

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    Study Skills - Think

    Before you start any new project in college, for work or at home, take some time to think and plan.
    Includes 'Getting Organised', 'Setting Goals', 'Time Management', 'Assignment Planning' and 'Preparing for Research - keywords'.

    Study Skills - Find

    Learning Well includes understanding where to find the 'best' information sources and how to access them efficiently.
    Includes 'Electronic Resources' (including search engine tips), 'Hardcopy Resources' and 'Creative Commons'.

    Study Skills - Evaluate

    Knowing how to evaluate a piece on information - to make sure it is trustworthy - can help you improve assignments and stay safe from fraudsters in the rest of your life.
    Includes 'Reading Skills', 'Evaluating Information for Assignments', 'Understanding Evaluation Criteria' and 'Fake News'.

    Study Skills - Create

    There are many skills needed to create the highest quality work you are capable of. You might need support with writing or maths, in using new software or extending skills you already have. 

    Includes 'Writing Skills', 'Working with Copyright', 'Using Images' and 'Dissertations.

    Study Skills - Acknowledge

    It is important to acknowledge the support we get. In assessment, Harvard Referencing allows us to acknowledge the authors and creator of work that has influenced or that we have used to build our arguments.

    Includes 'Plagiarism', 'Harvard Referencing Basics', 'Harvard Referencing Advanced' and 'Other ways to acknowledge others'.

    Study Skills - Share

    This area is being developed to help students look at ways of sharing the work they produce for assessment or employability. It will also cover guidance on how to stay safe when using online and digital sharing tools.

    Study Skills - Revise

    Revising for exams can be a very stressful part of the learning journey. Find tips and guidance on creating a revision plan and methods that work for you.

    Includes 'Study Strategies', 'Revision Tips' videos, tools for creating your own revision materials and links to specialist English and Maths GCSE revision sites.