• IT Systems and Support

    This page is set up to help you get support in using College IT systems, as well as providing access to specialised software.

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  • IT Support Department

    East Coast College has a IT Support Department based at both campuses, the location at Great Yarmouth is A021 (next to the college shop) and at Lowestoft they are based in room 208 in the Tower Block and in room G.07 in the Sixth Form Building.

    The IT team are here to run the main network throughout the college as well as to help and maintain IT equipment, if you come across a problem with a piece of college equipment the team can nearly always help or advise on next steps.

    You can contact the IT Support team by emailing 

    • Activating your user profile on the college network

      If you're new to the college or even a returning student you will need to complete the following (every year after enrolment) before you have access to the network at college.

      But first you:

      • Must be on campus (GY, LC or L6) to enable your user profile.
      • Use a networked computer or college supplied laptop

      • Head on to any wired computer or collect a college laptop (booked in by your tutors)
      • Sign in using the following details:

      Username - student number (supplied on ID card through enrolment)

      Password - DoB in DDMMYYYY format (01012001)

      • After you click OK, you will then be prompted to enter your own password twice (This has no restrictions but we suggest you use at least a minimum word of 8 that is a mixture of letters (upper and lower case), numbers and special characters. EG A!ph@bet001.
      • Click OK and you will then be prompted that your password has been updated, click OK again and allow network to upload your profile.
      • Once your profile is uploaded you will then need to activate your Moodle, Email and Teams account.

      Moodle - To activate your Moodle account just sign in using your student number as your username and use the new password you have just set (you can sign in using the link in the top right of page). 

      Email - To activate your Email account, head to the Moodle homepage (click here) and go to the Main Menu block which can be found under Important Numbers. look for the quick link and open it, you should automatically sign in (only if your in college) but if you ever need to sign in use the following details, username (studentnumber) and your new password.

      Teams - To activate your Teams account just follow the Email instructions but look for the Teams quick link.

      Need help?

      If you're on site and need support logging in, head to the IT department based in GY, LC and L6 or head to the college shop based in GY or L6, all of which will be happy to help you. If you're unable to come into college to do any of the above please email and cc in your tutor and /or assessor with your name and student number and also stating you need your student profile activating in all areas.
      • Printing and Printing Credit


        All Students will have £5 of pre-loaded printing credit on their Student Cards in the first and second terms. If you use this up in the mean time you can top up your card at the College shop at Great Yarmouth or Lowestoft (minimum top up is 5p)


        Printing cost is the same in all locations, Black and White is 5p per side and Colour is 10p per side.


        When you go to print a file, make sure you pick what colour type you want. The printer option are set up to print Mono (Black and White) so you will need to select Colour from the drop bar, you can then print. You can then go to any printer at the Campus, log in by putting your card to the card reader (manual sign in is also possible) and select your print before pressing the blue lighted start button (instructions are displayed at all printers). 

        The printers are set up as 2 - 2 (double sided) for both A4 and A3 paper, if you wish to print one sided please select 1-1 on the print options within your document.

        Additional settings on the printers include scanning (via the glass top or the lid feed) as well as scanning to email, if you use this option you can only scan to your student email address.  

        • FREE Software: Text Help - Read & Write Gold

          Read Write Gold is software made available to all students through our college licence.

          You can access it on College PCs and have the option of requesting the software for your personal laptop or home PC. Home access lasts until the end of the current academic year, but you can make a new request if you return to college the following year. To request home access please email with the subject heading Read & Write Gold.

          Below are links to help guides and videos that will show you all the aspects of the system. If you need further guidance or if you have specific questions you can email with the subject heading Read & Write Gold Support.

          An Introduction to Read Write Gold for Education

        • FREE Software: Microsoft Office Programs

          Did you know that by being a student here at East Coast College and Lowestoft Sixth Form College you are entitled to a FREE Microsoft Office package?

          All you need to do is follow these simple steps;

          Image of the URL address needed to be typed: please press enter after.

          1) In any web browser (Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome to name a few) type the following web address in to the address bar: Then press enter.

          Picture of the sign in page needed for next step. Please use your and press next.
          2) You will then be asked to sign in with your college email address. The layout for this is If you are a student your username is your student number (6 digits long), this can be found on the front of your student card issued to you. Then please press next.

          Picture showing the next step of entering your password. Your email address should already be in the username box, please enter the password you use to sign into Moodle and press sign in

          3) You will then be redirected to an East Coast College branded page to enter your college password and press Sign in. 

          Your password will be the same as you use for Moodle, if you haven’t changed your password yet it will be your Date of Birth (DoB) in a 8 digit format. For example if you are born 1st April 1995 then your password will be 01041995.

          Picture of next steps to be taken, please leave English (United States) as language and 64bit for your version unless you need another language interface or know you have a 32bit computer. Click install office.
          4)  Once you are signed in you will be taken to your Apps & Devices page. Please keep the language setting as English (United States) unless you need another language setting and leave the 64bit option unless you know you have a 32bit computer (you can find this in device settings). Press Install Office to proceed.

           picture of pop up window. Follow the next steps by clicking open on the download bar, then yes when prompted this will start the download process. The download can take a while depending on your internet speed.
          5) At the bottom of the screen press open on the download bar (if you don't get a download bar, head to your download folder and double click the file). You will then be asked if you want to run the process or not, click yes (if you click no you will cancel the download but the option to download later will still be available in your download folder). The download will then proceed, you will need to stay online while this happens but you can use you device still for other things. The download time will depend on your internet speed.

           Picture of pop up if further permission is required. Press yes
           5a) You may be prompted to give permission for the software to be installed. If you receive this prompt press Yes.

           picture of Office Installing status
           6) Office will now go ahead and install. 

          Picture of Installation Complete pop up - Press Close to Finish
          7) Once Office is installed press Close and the installation will be complete. You will now find the Office Products in your Start Menu which usually looks like a Window.

          If you have any problems installing this package please contact IT services or pop by and speak to the Learning Services Team at either campus who will be more than will to help or you can email

          • Digital Skills

            Please use this link to go to the Digital Skills homepage

            • Wi-Fi and Personal Equipment

              You can bring in your own equipment to either campus and access the internet as normal, you will need to use a USB or the free cloud storage available on your college email to transfer files between college equipment and your own. There are plenty of power points at both campuses within classrooms and there are also a number located throughout the college that can be used. Please do not unplug any sockets or network cables. If your device is WI-FI enabled, you can log in as normal, just remember to use your details to do so. Once you have logged in, your device will remember your details unless you instruct it not to do so.