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    Access to Library Services during Covid-19 pandemic

    Our campus libraries are open for support. At busy times browsing may be restricted in order to maintain social distancing.

    Students are encouraged to use the Library Catalogue ( to find the specific books they would like to read and reserve online (login with ECC computer username and password) or contact the Library Helpdesk ( If visiting in person, please observe social distancing and use antibacterial cleanser before handling books.

    Books being returned should be left in the Returns Boxes at Great Yarmouth Campus Reception or Lowestoft Campus Library. Loans can be renewed online or by email to the the Library Helpdesk ( 

    For all other queries please email the Library Helpdesk ( or call one of the following numbers between 0830 and 1630:

    • Great Yarmouth Campus Library - 01493 419220
    • Lowestoft Campus Library - 01502 525169

    Please check these pages regularly for updates. 

    • Finding Library Resources: hardcopy and print

      All the books, DVDs and CDs in the college libraries are listed on the library catalogue. Search the catalogue to locate what you require:

      You can find information about the reservations, loans and renewals processes below.

      Library books are shelved according to the Dewey Decimal Classification index. A guide to Dewey can be found below.

      Finding Library Resources: electronic

      Use the links below to review the electronic resources available to staff and students.

      Use the 'Study Skills: Find' link below to find advice and guidance on searching for information. Further Study Skills links are available in the right hand column.

      If you need further help you can visit a Library Helpdesk or contact us on library

    • Borrowing books

      You can borrow books (and DVDs at Great Yarmouth) to take home.  Your Student ID card acts as a library card, so you must have it with you.

      Allowances are as follows:

      • All students (includes Access courses): 8 books, except:
      • Higher Education students: 10 books

      Standard loans are issued for three weeks at a time.  
      HE loans and other  high-demand items are issued for one week at a time.
      Some books will be marked 'reference only' and can only be used in the library.

      • Returning and renewing items

        When you borrow a book it will be stamped with a due date in the front. Please return items by this due date - either by handing to a member of library staff or posting into the library returns box. These boxes are located in the Reception area at Great Yarmouth campus and at the library at Lowestoft campuses and are accessible even if the library is not open or staffed.

        If you do not return an item on time, it becomes 'overdue'.  If it remains overdue for four weeks, we will send you an invoice for the cost of replacing the item.  Please try to return items on time and get in touch if there is any problem or you are worried about costs etc.

        If you want to keep an item beyond its initial due date, you can renew it by either speaking to library staff; emailing the library with your student number or logging into the library catalogue online.
        • Reservations

          You can use the library catalogue to place reservations on book you want to borrow.  If the item is on loan it will stop the borrower renewing and you will be notified when the book is returned.  Alternatively you can use the reservation process to have library staff pick books for you until you come to college. 

          Any books picked to satisfy a reservation will be held for one week before being returned to the shelf or held for the next person in the queue.
        • Study Space Locations

          Please note that due to the current Covid 19 pandemic the availability of PC's will be reduced due to social distancing.

          The College offers a number of study areas, please see below for locations;

          Great Yarmouth

          A019 (in front of College Shop) - 6 PCs

          A031 (dedicated Study Room) - 25 PCs

          A032 (near Information Centre) - 6 PCs

          B02 (inside the Library) - 9 PCs

          B104 (in corridor between B and C block) - 6 PCs


          Library (on raised stage) - 4 PCs

          Mezzanine (first floor in Library) - 30 PCs  

          6th Form

          3 pods (one on each floor) - 3rd floor pod has 6 PCs

          Library (2nd floor 2.46) - 28 PCs

          Silent Study Area (3rd floor 3.41) - 12 PCs

          IT area (3rd floor 3.19) - 55 PCs

          Quiet Study Room (2nd floor 2.33) - 8 PCs