• Student Voice

    If you:

    • Have an idea about how we run things
    • Would like us to get in involved with a campaign
    • Want to make improvements
    • Want to share something we are doing well
    • Have a concern to raise
    • Want to develop your leadership skills There are several ways of getting involved. 

    Follow our guide and find more detail in the folder below. If you would like help, get in touch with one of our college student voice team: 

    Lowestoft Campus: 
    Great Yarmouth Campus: 
    Lowestoft Sixth Form: 

    We look forward to working with you. 

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  • Your representatives

    Student Union
    The student union is made up of students from across all areas of the college. Find out more on the Student Union Moodle Page.

    Student Governor
    The Student Union President also acts as the Student Governor, representing the student voice on issues affecting how the College is run and developed. You can learn more about the College's Board of Governors and the work they do by visiting the Governance page of the College Website (opens in new window).

    Student Ambassadors
    Student Ambassadors are an important part of college life. They take part in meetings and parliaments to help obtain student voice. They receive extra training throughout the year to be able to understand and support other students. They represent the college and take part in college and community events. Find out more on the Student Ambassador Moodle Page.

    Student Council
    The student council is made up of the members the Student Union and the Student Ambassadors. They meet regularly to discuss what is happening in the college and share opinions on how the college should develop. Find out more on the Student Council Moodle Page.

    Course Representatives
    Course Reps meet with tutors and managers on a regular basis to discuss anything to do with your course. At the meetings they share ideas and thoughts from class members with the teachers and managers and after the meeting they share feedback from the meeting with students. If you would like to be a Course Rep, please speak to your campus Wellbeing Officer.

    • Have your say on college issues

      Student Forums
      Curriculum Forums
      Curriculum Forums will be held by Curriculum Managers throughout the year. All course students can attend these to share development ideas and any concerns related to learning. Alternatively, find out who your course rep is, or even volunteer to take the role for a year (individually or as a pair), and share your ideas and thoughts with them. The Course Rep will then take your comments to meetings with tutors and Curriculum Managers on your behalf. 
      For more information about your course's forums, please speak to your tutor.

      College Service Forums
      A variety of forums are held through the year. Each focuses on a different aspect of student life. Students will be notified of forums via their tutors and/or via their college email account. Please check your email accounts at least once a week during term time to keep up-to-date with college news. 

      You can see what has been shared at previous forums, both for curriculum and services, by reading the posts on the College Forums Moodle Page.

      Student Surveys

      Students can get involved with surveys within college and for community issues. You will be notified of College surveys by your tutor and via your student email. The links for important surveys, such as the induction survey and the on-programme survey, will be include on the Moodle Homepage. You can find a list of community surveys listed further down this page. 

      Research Projects
      Get involved with research projects either as a participant. We have a college research group that publishes findings locally and to a wider audience, depending on the research project. This helps our college and other understand in greater depth the topics we are researching. Student can be supported to research topics of interests too. If you have an idea, please email Nikki Lane, Assistant Principal Student Wellbeing (

      Other feedback channels
      Student Voice Form
      You don't have to wait until a forum is set up to share your views. Use the Student Voice Form at the bottom of this Moodle page, to share ideas for developments or comments on things that you see around college. 

      Compliments and Complaints Form
      Share compliments and concerns to or via the form at the bottom of this page. Complaints will be assessed by a college senior leader and action taken appropriately.

      Talk to your teacher or a member of the College support team 
      Talk to your teacher or member of the college support team to share your voice, they can deal with something immediately or pass it on the person who can take action.
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        • Have Your Say on community issues

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        • Student Voice Form

          • Compliments Form

            Sharing a compliment can make someone’s day! If you’ve had a great experience and would like to share something about one of our staff team or an organisation that comes into college, please click here and add this to our quick and easy form.