• Preparing for Travel and Tourism

    An introduction to Travel and Tourism with Amber Spearing (Course Leader) 

    An introduction to Travel and Tourism with Debbie Foster (Curriculum Manager)

    An introduction to Air Cabin Crew with Emma Faint (Course Leader)

    Prepare for a career that will take you places and be part of one of the best courses in the college :)

    Welcome to Travel Innovation and Skills Academy at East Coast College.. 2021 is the best year to study Travel and Tourism, the industry is recovering and bouncing back at a faster pace than expected, during your time on the course you will learn about how the industry is recovering and reinventing itself, develop skills and knowledge that will put you in a great position for employment or higher education upon completion of your course.

    Please have a look at the resources and activities on these pages- and please do message me any questions at all- doesn't matter what they are, we would like to hear from you.

    Our travel course is geared up to raise your aspirations and secure your progression into the industry. You will study units such as; Overseas Resort Rep, The Cruise Industry, The UK Tourism Industry, Worldwide Destinations, Package Holidays, Special Interest Holidays and Business Travel to name a few..

    If you have a particular career goal- let me know and I will ensure you get the best preparation available to work towards your career path.

    Please do get in touch - even if just to say hi.

    Hope to meet you all soon :)

    Amber  (

    If you have any questions about the course or anything to do with college life, please email

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