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  • Preparing for A-Level Law

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  • Introduction

    The A level Law course has proved very popular and very successful at the College over the past 10 years and numerous students have progressed into careers within the legal profession and have used different routes to do so , either through the more traditional route of university or  more recently through apprenticeships. The course is challenging , encouraging you to think , discuss legal issues and to present well made arguments . The use of legal cases is essential and enlightening. There is no coursework. Three final exams determine your overall grade at the end of the course. 

    The course comprises of the following topics:

    1. English Legal System- how does it work in practise
    2. Criminal Law  - covering both Fatal and Non Fatal Offences, Defences and Property Crime
    3. Law of Tort - Civil Law. How do you solve a dispute without going to court. How can you deal with a noisy neighbour or resolve a problem with the local council?
    4. Human Rights Law - What are Human Rights? How far should government interfere in our lives? What rights do you have if you are arrested?
    • Summer Project

      It is hoped that all law and criminology students will have a go at this summer project. It's main aim is to see if you can investigate murder and considers why people become murderers. Is it something genetic or is it something they have learnt - been socialised into doing. Investigate the characters and see what answers you can come up with.

    • Parliament -The law making process

      This activity will allow you to access the houses of Parliament website to look at how laws are made within Parliament so look carefully at the roles of the Houses of Parliament and in particular the part they play in passing legislation

    • You be the Judge- Sentencing

      How are criminals sentenced? What guidelines are used by magistrates and judges alike to decide the correct punishment for a crime. Try the interactive programme where you are the judge and you decide the sentences for each crime scenario.