Topic outline

  • Welcome to A-level Physics!

    If you have any queries, please contact me on 

    If you have any questions about the course or anything to do with college life, please email

  • Course Information

    Click on the link below to find out more about:

    • Why A-level Physics is such a great qualification to have
    • Which topics you will be studying in A-level Physics
    • The GCSE entry criteria to study Physics at A-level
    • The opportunities that an A-level Physics qualification offers beyond Sixth Form College

  • Summer Project

    If you are serious about studying Physics at A-level, and in order to get prepared, I would like you to complete the A-level Physics Summer Project between now and when you arrive at the college to enrol in September.

    To access the Summer Project, simply click on the link below.

    The Summer Project consists of several tasks, each of which is designed to:

    • Give you a flavour of the topics that you will be studying in your first year.
    • Give you a sense of the level of mathematics required to study Physics at A-level.
    • Give you a running start on some of the key knowledge and fundamental skills required to be a successful A-level Physics student.

    If you require any help or guidance or have any queries regarding the Summer Project then please feel free to email me at the address given above.

    I am not expecting this work to be 'handed in' as such, however I will expect any student who enrols onto the Physics course in September to have completed this work and I will look forward to having a casual chat with you about what you learned from it, any problems that you may have encountered, together with any general feedback that you may wish to give.

  • Further Preparation

    Some of you may be super-keen to really go the extra mile in your preparation for A-level Physics and to keep your brain stimulated over the Summer break.  If this is you, then you may find the following two resources useful:

    • Mathematical Skills In Physics.  Physics is clearly a very mathematical subject and while it is not mandatory to study A-level Mathematics alongside A-level Physics, it is highly recommended.  In order to succeed in A-level Physics, all students will need to have a strong grasp of certain mathematical disciplines.  These specific skills are highlighted in the 'Fundamental Mathematical Skills For Yr 12 Physics' link below.  The link includes some questions to test and hone your mathematical skills between now and the start of the course in September.  The answers to these questions are provided too so that you can check how well you have done!

    • The course textbook.  The Physics syllabus that we follow here at L6FC is OCR Physics A.  If you are keen to purchase a copy of the course textbook prior to the commencement of your A-level Physics studies, then please see the details below.  Note: you can usually find a secondhand copy of this textbook on eBay etc, which can often save you a few quid!  WARNING: there is an OCR-B course too, so make sure you buy the right book!

  • A-level Physics Taster Day (in case you missed it)

    Note: the lesson refers to a short 'spiderman' Youtube clip on which one of the main exercises is based.  This is the link: