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  • Preparing for BTEC Business

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    BTEC Level 3 Nationals in Business

    Course Leader: Jenni Coles

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  • Introduction

    Why study BTEC Business?

    The BTEC Business course has been designed in collaboration with over 5,000 universities, employers and professional bodies and has a strong focus on working together to achieve your goals.

    You will be encouraged to develop your employability, personal, digital and learning skills alongside your business knowledge, putting you in a great position to pursue a career, start an apprenticeship, or progress to university. 

    • Getting ready for September

      All BTEC Business students:

      • Complete the summer project - see below for details!
      • Get equipped - what will you need to help you learn?
      • Learn more about some of the topics we'll be studying by completing this short Future Learn course - Introduction to studying business. 
      BTEC Business Diploma and Extended Diploma students

      • List the events you have been involved with, whether planning, organising, managing or just attending.
      • Answer the following questions about at least two different events from your list:

      1. What was its purpose?
      2. What were its aims and objectives?
      3. What factors acted as constraints?
      4. What factors made it successful?
      BTEC Business Extended Diploma students

      • Summer Project

        We think it is important that you are aware of our academic expectations and of the level of effort that is needed to become a successful BTEC Business student before you start studying with us! So we have set a summer project based on Unit 1 which is about exploring different types of business.

        You will need to carry out extensive independent research into two organisations of your choice. One organisation must be a profit-making organisation and the other must be a charity. Both organisations must be registered in the UK.

        Full details of the task are set out in the document below, just download it and then follow these instructions:

          • Read the document carefully and make sure you understand what you need to do
          • Choose your two organisations
          • Carry out research into each organisation and complete the boxes on pages 2 to 5
          • Keep a record of the information you find and where you found it (you can copy and paste the addresses for the websites you use)
          • Email if you get stuck!

        You'll be asked to show your teacher your research evidence during your first week, so please don't leave it to the last minute. If you don't have access to the internet or a suitable device, try going to your local library!

      • FAQs

        What will I learn about? 
        • This depends on the size of your BTEC qualification. 
        • The smallest course includes the fundamentals of business, such as business organisations and how they are affected by the environment and market conditions they operate in, marketing and finance.
        • The larger qualifications include more specialist areas, such as the English legal system, digital marketing, event management and international business.
        • You can see the specification for each course below.
        What does a BTEC in Business involve?
        • The Business BTEC combines internally assessed coursework with externally assessed tasks and an exam. We take a vocational approach that develops your ability to apply your knowledge of a topic to a particular organisation or scenario.
        • For internally assessed units, you'll start by learning about a topic and practising how to apply your knowledge, then you'll complete and submit an assignment that gives you the opportunity to demonstrate how well you have understood the topic.
        • For externally assessed units, you'll also start by learning about a topic, but there will be more of a focus on developing your ability to recall the content as well as apply it. It's more similar to a traditional A Level approach to learning.
        How useful will a BTEC in Business be in the future?

        • One of the main advantages of a BTEC is that it really does give you the opportunity to develop your employability skills as well as your academic ones, from time management, communication and organisation skills, through to research, digital literacy and academic writing skills. Whether you're planning on going on to university, an apprenticeship or a job, you'll have the skills you need to be successful.

        Can I get to university with a BTEC?

        • Yes!
        • The vast majority of universities accept BTEC qualifications, but if you've got your heart set on studying at a particular institution, it's a good idea to check their entry requirements before you enrol with us.

        Can I just study Business, or do I need to choose other subjects as well?

        • We are quite flexible, you can study two other subjects alongside an Extended Certificate in Business or one other subject alongside a Diploma.
        • The Extended Diploma is a full-time business course though, so you wouldn't be able to choose any other subjects alongside that.

        Can I get a head start by learning over the summer?

        • Absolutely!
        • Take a look at the Getting ready for September section above!