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  • Preparing for BTEC Music

    A female student sings on a stage. She has blonde hair in a ponytail and wire rimmed glasses. She is wearing a black top and blue jeans. She has a microphone in her left hand and her mouth is open wide. Three female students stand on a stage behind microphones in stands. The girl in the middle is holding a guitar.  Three male students stand on a stage behind three microphone. Each student is holding a guitar.

    About the Course

    Hi everyone and welcome to Level 3 Music! The course is offered as a single (4.5 hours a week), double (9 hours a week) and there is an option for extended which focuses on musical theatre in the extra hours (full timetable). If you are interested in the extended please email me on the address below. We focus on the skills and information you need to work in the industry, including the job roles and skills needed in the four main areas of the music industry - live performance, record labels, artist management and publishing. There's also lots of opportunity to perform throughout the year and show us what you can do! If you struggle with performance, don't worry we will help you gain confidence during your time on the course. There is a video in the section below where I give a brief description of the course. 


    For anyone looking to come on to the course we do ask for an audition, which you should have received a letter/email about already. Please send a video of yourself performing a solo (either vocals with a backing track or an instrumental piece) via to myself, Guy Nottage, at, Chloe Burlingham at and Katy Beales at All you have to do is enter the email address and upload your recording. Please do this during the week of 25th May 2020. There are also a few questions you need to answer in the recording as well. This is to assess your suitability for the course, but don't worry, just do your best and show us you are putting effort in!

    We have a joint Music and Performing Arts Instagram account so please follow l6fc_music_pa to see what we are getting up to during the year.

    Due to Covid-19 we are unable to do taster day in the normal format. Therefore, during this lockdown, I have set a task for you all on here. See below for your instructions and there's lots of extra activities so you can be getting yourself prepared and ready to start with us in September. I look forward to meeting you all!

    If you have any questions about the course or anything to do with college life, please email

  • Your Task!

    Your task is to write a 1-2 minute song/instrumental on one of the themes/photos below, record yourself performing it and send it to me via to my email address as stated above. I have provided a document with guidance on how to do this, provided a downloadable book of chords to help, as well as chord sequence MP3s you can use, and backing tracks if you only sing/rap and want music to use for it. Be creative! Use what's available in your house. You can use cups or saucepans to play a drum beat. If you have very little available then just write lyrics, or if you aren't a vocalist then just focus on creating an instrumental piece. Everything you need is below, so start planning and composing and I look forward to hearing your creations!

  • Developing Instrumental Skills

    Once you have completed your task, feel free to use the videos here to help develop your skills as a vocalist or instrumentalist during lockdown and over summer. Getting used to continually working to improve your technical skills is important as a musician and is part of what we do on the course, so starting this now will put you at an advantage.

    It includes scales, projection, rhythms and much more!

  • Music Theory

    A basic level of music theory knowledge will get you a long way in the music industry. Whether it's when communicating with other band members or when writing your own songs, music theory is used more often than you realise. If you want to start developing your knowledge to give yourself this advantage then below are different videos and links to help.    

  • Careers in Music


                            Photo by John Hult on Unsplash                                                                               Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash

    There are many different careers in the music industry, all requiring different skill sets. Think about whether you enjoy performance, songwriting, music technology, working with people (artist liaison) and explore jobs within those areas. Here's just a few career options available to you:

    • Music producer
    • Sound technician
    • Performer
    • Artist manager
    • Publisher
    • Booking agent
    • Composer
    • Recording engineer 

    Click the link below to explore careers in music, the job requirements, salary and skills needed...