Topic outline

  • Preparing for BTEC Level 3 Performing Arts

    Welcome to 'Preparing for BTEC Level 3 Performing Arts'.

    The activities on this page are designed to give you an insight into the course and allow you to start to work creatively in a similar way to how we will work at college. As you will see below, all activities, apart from your audition, are optional but there are details of how to upload them if you choose to; everything you send will receive feedback!

    Your teachers are Katy Beales and Beth Harrison

    Email Katy (
    Email Beth (

    Visit us on Instagram (@l6fc_music_pa)

    If you have any questions about the course or anything to do with college life, please email

  • Summer Project - Your Audition!

    All applicants should have received a letter with instructions about what to include in your audition video. If you haven't, please get in touch as we may not know about your intention to join the course!  Some further Audition guidance is below! 

    • Performing Arts candidates must choose one of the below monologues to perform or perform a 2 minute solo dance in any style. 

    • If you are choosing to create a dance piece, we will take into consideration the limited space and floor that you have to work with. 

    • If you are choosing to perform a monologue, please learn it completely and use the camera as your ‘audience’.


    Don't forget: For both Music and/or Performing Arts when you have finished your piece/monologue/dance solo – please also answer the following 4 questions:

         1. What can you bring to the course?

         2. Why do you want to study Performing Arts?

         3. Why is good attendance important?

         4. Why do you think we are asking about attendance?

    WeTransfer Guidance 

    • Google - We Transfer
    • Create an account - this should take 1 minute! 
    • Drag in your audition video
    • Type in the above TWO email addresses 
    • SEND! 
  • Course Information

    You will explore the below texts between September and December in Drama. You will take part in creative work based on 'Other Desert Cities' in relation to Stanislavski and use Brecht as the practitioner when exploring 'The Cagebirds'; both plays culminate in a 10 minute assessed performance. In Dance you will initially explore practitioners such as Merce Cunningham and Martha Graham and be led through practical workshops in each. Both Dance and Drama concentrate on skills building throughout year 1 which leads into more creative work in year 2. 

      Other Desert Cities | Grove Atlantic

    • Do more!! Optional Dance Activities

      Dance Task 1 - Creating a dance based on the theme of 'Isolation' 

      As we are all in Isolation, we have created a short task or you to develop a dance based on the word 'Isolation' as a stimulus. Below is a link to a video of Beth demonstrating 5 short motifs... your task is to create a short dance, based on the theme of Isolation, connecting the 5 motifs in any order. 

      Click here for the demonstration video!  

      Working with different stimuli to create meaningful creative work is something that you will do a lot of in the first few weeks of college. If you choose to complete this task, WeTransfer your video to for feedback! :) 

      • Do More!! Optional Drama Activities

        Drama Task 1 - Creative writing

        Write a 1 minute monologue from the future explaining what like was like during COVID-19

        Starter ideas to think about: 
        • Your own experience of isolation and the 'lock down', the memories you have created, happy to sad, your experience of leaving school early, having more family time, the community spirit.
        • Short, snappy sentences to add pace and dramatic effect and descriptive language to draw in your audience.


        • Perform your monologue for the camera considering your performance skills such as knowing where your audience is, the pace of your text, and the tone and volume of your voice.
        • Upload your video through WeTransfer to for feedback!