Topic outline

  • Preparing for BTEC Science and Healthcare

    Welcome to Science and Healthcare!

    Hopefully this page will provide some information and resources, and contact details if you want to know more. 
    • This course is designed for students who need a ‘foundation year’ before continuing onto one of our Level 3 BTEC courses.
    • Students on this course will also be retaking GCSEs in any of Maths, English and Science (and Functional Skills Maths).
    • There are no exams and the assignment structure provides an excellent preparation for Level 3 BTEC.

    If you have any questions about the course or anything to do with college life, please email

  • Teaching Staff

    Simon Bowles 

    Email Simon (

    Zoe Ablett 

    Email Zoe (

    • Content of the course

      The main units for this course are:

      • The Earth and its resources                                                                       
      • How we get our food
      • Health                                                                                             
      • Human behaviour

    • Useful things to do this summer

      • We will want to see some evidence of the quality of work that you can do.  This could be presented in any form, but most students would probably choose a Word document or a Powerpoint.

      • You could base it around any of the units in the course; focusing on questions that you would like answered.  See the details above,

      • You could think about the level 3 courses that we offer - see  below - and summarise (1) why they would interest you and (2) any questions you have about them.

      • Our current COVID-19 pandemic highlights many issues and jobs that relate to our courses.  You could choose one or more aspects to summarise.

      Email us if you want more guidance.

    • Progression to Level 3 courses

      Some students may choose to take up an apprenticeship or take up a work placement at the end of this one-year course.  Most students, however, will progress onto one of our Level 3 BTEC courses.

      Details of these are below.  Also look at the careers that these courses can lead to.

      Medical Science                                                                             

      Forensic Science

      Sports and Exercise Science                                                                 

      Health and Social Care