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  • Preparing for BTEC Sport

    Welcome to BTEC SPORT at Lowestoft Sixth Form College

    Introductory video with Adam Pickess

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    Please do complete the summer tasks below that interest you most! You have tasks on the following;

    • Performance Analysis
    • Sports Coaching
    • Anatomy and Physiology
    • Sport Business

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  • Course Information

    Units you will be studying on the BTEC Sport Course:

    • Anatomy and Physiology
    • Sports Coaching
    • Fitness Testing 
    • Psychology
    • Fitness Training
  • Performance Analysis

    This task is designed to give you an insight into one of the fastest-expanding disciplines in sport science, performance analysis. The information below will help you to perform a basic version of performance analysis, which should help you to understand how data is used to help coaches understand performance and prepare training sessions.

    Did you know that most elite athletes and teams have a group of performance analysts supporting them by providing data on their performance at half time, after the game, as well as providing information on the opposition? You will have seen their work if you have watched sport on TV, does this look familiar. . .

    Performance analysts are responsible for collecting this information. They have to record and analyse matches live and feedback to the coach and players on their findings. They will use video cameras to record games and different analysis software to tally and record the different skills athletes perform. Perhaps you will be a performance analyst in the future?

  • Anatomy and Physiology

    Within this section it is going to give you a glimpse into what areas of anatomy and physiology we cover and the type of work you will be doing. This will be the foundation of your work that you will start with in September. For those of you can have studied PE at school and GCSE Science you may well be familiar with some of the terminology used.

    Many of you will go on to study Sports Science at University so it is important you have a good understanding of the human anatomy. Alongside this why different repsonses happen within the body when exercising and/or at rest. Key components of the anaotomy of the body is the cardiovasular and respiratory systems. These are what is going to be covered within your summer task.

  • Fitness Coaching, Anatomy and Physiology

    Here we investigate teaching exercise and sports. We start to analyse how the body functions during activity.

    First take a look or even better have a go at our lockdown exercise videos. 

    All the exercise sessions were created by Year 13 students. 

    Once you have watched or even better had a go at one of the videos..... head to the task to create your own exercise of the day!

  • Sports Coaching

    Within this section we are going to cover key aspects of Sports Coaching. Throughout your time at college you will have the opportunity to volunteer in the community. In addition to this you will have a Unit within the qualification that covers Sports Coaching so this will be a fantastic foundation for you! 

    You will also have opportunities to be on a coaching programme with Premier Sports which will prepare you for a career within Sports Coaching. You will cover the fundamentals of coaching as well having opportunities to gain coaching badges which will enhance your CV and job opportunities!

    As a Sports Coach you could be coaching at all levels from covering lunchtime clubs in schools all the way to coaching the likes of Ronaldo in Seria A. It is such a vast sector and it doesn't mean just coaching football, it could be instructing all types of sports and recreation.

  • Sport Business

    As I am sure you are aware sport is becoming increasingly dependant on activities off the field/court etc. The that is involved in the major sports is mind blowing! Please do the article in the recommend reading this gives you an insight into the money which is involved in football especially. 

    Sporting business is incredibly lucrative but cut throat. Money is everything so you need to make sure you are ahead of the trend if not someone will take you job. This is the picture in the elite sporting picture again especially in football. You will notice that a lot of the examples that are used are based around football, just because of the money involved with the sport.