• Digital Skills

    Hello and welcome to the Self Help Digital Skills Moodle page

    Below you will find a number of topic areas where you will find a range of videos and additional support for a number of websites or programmes you maybe asked to use while you're studying with us.

    If you have a suggestion for an additional website or programme to be added or you just feel you need a little help with something in the digital world, just contact Moodle at and we will help anyway we can.

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  • Emails

    This information is correct for both East Coast and Lowestoft Sixth Form Students.


    • You'll also find quick links to your student email on the Moodle homepage, the Student Links page of the East Coast website and on the Sixth Form dashboard. 
    • Alternatively you can type directly into your browser, then press return.  
      • When prompted, log in with your college email address and password. 
      • The first time you do this you may be asked to select a time zone. Select London, GMT + 0 hours.

    Your college email is your ID number followed by 

    #KnowMore : Use the links below to learn about the different features of Outlook

  • Microsoft Office

    Click on the links below to head to the self help pages on a number of popular Microsoft Office programmes. Each area contains videos, guides and practice tasks.

                  1. Microsoft Word
                  2. Microsoft Excel
                  3. Microsoft PowerPoint
                  4. Microsoft Publisher

    Please be aware that these guides are for Microsoft Office 2016, so you may find some features may have changed or moved if you use older or newer versions.

  • Saving your work

    One very handy tip when it comes to saving any work you do is that you save it in MORE THAN ONE location just in case the worse happens. If you need any help or advice about digital storage please talk to a member of the Learning Services or IT Support teams.

    Below are a number of options supplied by us that can be used while you're a student;

    Personal Drive -
     We have set up a personal drive for each student to save too, this is known as the N drive and is the basic saving point if using the college network and computers. This save location is only accessible on campus (on any computer) and can not be accessed off site. You get 500MB of storage so ideally this is best for Microsoft Office software like Word, Excel and PowerPoint, pictures and photos within the documents will fill up this storage more quickly. 

    OneDrive - This is a free platform from Microsoft and can be found within your college email area. You can log into your college email by clicking here and go to 'student email'. Your user name will be and use the password that you use to log in to the college network. Once into your email, simply go to the app launcher (top left square next to word Outlook) and select OneDrive. This service is also accessible off site and you can log in the same way using the link mentioned. You get 512GB of storage so you are good to go on all document types, photos, pictures and videos. 

    Please see poster below for full details on how to access and use OneDrive.

    Moodle Cloud - Once your Moodle account is activated you will be given free cloud based storage, this can be found in the dashboard and called 'Private Files'. Moodle can be accessed at home as well as college. When logging into Moodle use the same details as you would to log into the college network. You get 100MB of storage space so ideally this is best for word based documents.

    USB - Also known as a pen drive, chances are most of you will have had one at some point. These are very handy devices that can come in a wide range storage sizes and shapes. These are available to buy online and in most retail outlets. The USB device are more of a transportation device rather than storage, if they break it's usually very hard to recover the file (please see a member of the IT support team if this happens to you, they maybe able to recover documents) and can easily be lost too.